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Door handle installation steps


Door handle installation steps, security and anti-theft should be paid attention to

The door handle is the handle installed on the door. For home safety, the quality of the door handle installation is very important. It is not only related to the convenience of daily entry and exit, but also related to the problem of home anti-theft. It is a safety guarantee. The decoration should pay attention to the installation of door handles.

Door handle installation steps

1. Drill the corresponding installation holes in the door according to the size of the door handle, and open the door during installation to facilitate the operation of the door handles on both sides of the door.

2. Put each corresponding part into the hole position in turn, fix the screw with the corresponding screwdriver after aligning, install the screw and connecting screw on the outer panel part, insert the linkage square rod into the square rod hole of the door handle, and the outer panel part executes Align the hand square hole with the linkage square rod hole, and install the outer panel components.

3. Install the inner panel components, align them and use a screwdriver to rotate the screws; insert the lock body from the inside to the outside into the lock hole; insert the screw from the lock body panel hole into the thread of the lock body installation hole and tighten with a screwdriver , And then install the lock box or lock plate in the corresponding position on the door frame.

4. After the installation is complete, first test whether it can be used normally. Turn the door handle inside and outside the door to observe whether it can be turned smoothly, whether the key can be smoothly inserted and turned back and forth, and whether the oblique tongue can be retracted and extended smoothly.

5. After the test is correct, tighten the assembly screws with a screwdriver, and then repeat the above actions to test whether it is smooth. If there are still problems, you can position the door handle until all problems are resolved, and the door handle installation is finished. .

There are many types of door handles, and different door handles are installed differently. Before installation, you can consult relevant professionals to find the most suitable installation method no matter online search or ask door knob manufacturers for help. Although it is just a small door handle, how to install it improperly, then a door becomes useless, and the installation is successful, and the residence will have a sense of security.